10 août 2015

JAIX by Mario OLEARI - le duo gagnant du Street-art italien

Mario Oleari artist and graphic designer who lives and works in Modena. He modeled his dog Jaix. He loves his dog and his dog loves his master. Great collaboration for an art project. And he painted on the walls, but also on canvas and the result is very colorful. I love it.

To know him better, he kindly answered our questions.

What is your favorite artist?
I do not have one in porticolare. My focus is in general, every artist has something interesting to show. In the last period, I once again interested in Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns.

What is your first experience? And since it can be defined as the evolution.
My first experience goes back to school time with a graphic design called Barkode. I started practicing street art in 1997, I had fun spin bike at night through the city, I attacked stickers, posters pop-Jaix of my dog ​​in the streets of the center of Modena. After a while I went also to the graffiti. I think my growth has matured over the last five years in visual, graphic design, art galleries and some designer shops.

Thanks Mario

Crédit photos : Mario OLEARI

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